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Quality assurance

What welding electrodes to buy and not to be mistaken with a choice

Welding process at work or at home must meet strict safety requirements. When organizing the welding process, you need to correctly choose both welding materials and welding machine. And for the welder the most important thing is the choice of electrodes or wire for welding. That is why the materials for welding must be of high quality and you need to buy welding electrodes from a trusted company or manufacturer.

Quality is above all - the motto of our company

For more than 25 years we have been manufacturing welding materials of Vatra Ltd. in our factory for quality welding materials (welding electrodes and welding rods) of different brands and brands. Here you can buy electrodes of your own production for cash and non-cash payment.
High quality of welding electrodes we provide due to high-quality raw materials without impurities, which is used in production. All electrodes undergo strict quality control before shipment to customers, which allows to exclude the marriage. External defects or insufficient layer of coverage are the main indicators by which a batch can be rejected. Beautiful packaging makes aesthetically attractive appearance, and shrink film protects the electrodes from external influences and moisture.
We can always buy welding electrodes with invariably high quality both in the trial lot and in other supplies, that's why we are chosen by large production companies.
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