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Wholesale prices

Wholesale prices

We offer our customers to buy from the electrodes of the first Belarusian manufacturer of Vatra, OOO without intermediaries. The production process uses only quality materials on advanced equipment. Since the electrodes is the main consumable for welding, they always need to meet higher requirements for welding materials. Welding electrodes,

OOO Vatra over the long history of the plant, more than 20 years, have proved only from a positive side. Our electrodes is always quality for not high price. Therefore, our electrodes are trusted by the largest customers in Belarus and in the near and far abroad. Buy electrodes can wholesale in all cities of Belarus in the regional offices or directly through the office in Minsk.
Prices on the website are approximate and are for reference only. Every wholesale clients, we try to negotiate the price depending on the delivery quantity and possible delivery by our transport. In Vatra, OOO you can buy electrodes of different diameters for all types of welding Different diameters of electrodes intended for welding and surfacing of metal of different thickness. Our range includes electrodes, from 2 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm. With the various kind of coverage. For example, a rutile coating (ANO 21), base coat (SSSI) mixed coating (Mr 3) and also pulp. Our welding electrodes weld all kinds of metal. The range of plant electrodes brand: Mr-3M, Mr-3D, ANO-4, OZS-12, OzL-8, OzL-9A, OzL-17U, OzL-6, OzL-25B Mr-3C, ANO-36, CBS-4B, T-590В, SSSI-13/55, VAW-13, CL-11, CL-17, EA-395/9, EA-400/10U, Sri-48G, ORM-1 and others.

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