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Raw materials

Welding materials from the best raw materials!

Trust but check! We can carefully trust the quality of the electrodes and other welding materials produced at the Vatra plant by each of our customers because the raw material for welding materials is carefully selected and passes the control in several stages. Procurement of raw materials is carried out by qualified employees who adhere to a number of requirements in order to ensure that our welding materials are of the highest quality.
We always have only:
Raw materials without impurities. We use in production materials that have passed through laboratory products.
Ideal welding materials without defects. Before packing, all welding materials undergo strict quality control and are allowed to be packaged with an ideal coating without rejection.
In the production of electrodes are used:

  1. Rutile concentrate.
  2. Ferromanganese FMN 88.
  3. Fluoride spar FFS-95.
  4. Ferrosilicomanganese MnS 17.
  5. Ferrochrome FH 850.
  6. Mica electrode.
  7. Ferrovanadium.
  8. Ferromolybdenum
  9. Ferroniobium.
  10. Cellulose electrode.
  11. Silicate lump.
  12. Welding wire.

We always strive to make our products affordable and quality, so we are ready to consider your proposal for the purchase of raw materials.