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Low prices

An essential advantage of welding materials produced by Vatra Ltd. is a low price for electrodes and the price of a welding wire. Welding electrodes of our plant with different coatings will be a reliable partner in production for you and can save money for the company. Choosing materials for welding at low prices and electrodes of Belarusian production, you do not need to worry about quality, as it is at the highest level and comparable to foreign analogues.
In modern production, there are more than two hundred produced electrodes, and half of them are fusion electrodes for manual arc welding. At our factory, more than thirty brands (types) of welding (electrodes and wires) are produced. Quality materials and, in particular, the price of electrodes, directly depends on the type of coating. For consultation and choice, you should contact the best specialists in Belarus who work for us in the company.
All electrodes produced at the Vatra plant are provided by:
  • The stability of welding arc welding.
  • Obtaining an ideal weld by specified characteristics.
    On the site Vatra Bai you will undoubtedly find the best offer for welding:
  • Electrodes price and availability,
  • Welding wire prices

In the section "Wholesale prices" you can study the offer not only of the electrodes, but also the price of the wire. They are of high quality and wide offer of different types. With large volumes of purchase and constant cooperation, prices for electrodes and welding wires can be adjusted downwards.
In the winter period and holidays, we organize a sale to individual positions of welding electrodes. Follow the news on the site. All prices include VAT.